Our Company

After many years of servicing retailers and distributors in both US and Canada, Specialtyrawhide.com has finally been established to service the consumer directly. Based on all the requests and inquiries, we have developed a complete rawhide program that offers value, quality and selection for dogs of all sizes.

We are a family owned and run operation that has been providing specialized programs and needs to all of our customers. We are a totally integrated company that delivers value, freshness and quality pet products. All of our plants and facilities are state-of the art and meet the highest standards. Our partner in Brazil owns their own cattle, slaughter house, tannery and dog bone processing plant and manufactures our products in the fastest and freshest way possible. Most other suppliers and manufacturers buy hides on the open market and may not be using fresh hides.

Our cattle are Free-Range. We assure our customers with freshness and quality. Our rawhide bones, rolls, twists, donuts, chips and novelty items are from Brazilian cattle that are grass-fed only, resulting in leaner hides and lower fat content. All the products that we provide from our facility are 100% natural. We offer a line of Brazilian DENTAL products that has a dentine additive that helps reduce plaque and tartar, excersises gums and freshens breath. We also offer a small line of Chinese compressed bones & retrievers, 5" white shoe and munchie sticks from a high quality directed supplier in China. This line is mainly produced in the Far East and is under great demand. We offer the most popular products. Try our USA-Made Puppy Training Pads and Save!

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